rob- dialogue

Jenny: Mother. 37. Stay at home mom.
Rob: Father. 46. Stock broker.
Lisa: Daughter. 16. Grounded.
Michael: Lisa’s Boyfriend. 24


Very clean Kitchen. Bottle of wine and candle on Kitchen Island.

(Rob walks in on his Blackberry, Jenny is lighting candles in Kitchen)
Jenny: You’re home. Didn’t you get off work two hours ago.

Rob: Give me a second (typing on blackberry)

Jenny: (smiles) I’ve made you’re favorite-

Rob: Where’s Lisa?

Jenny: (pause and approach husband) I thought it would be nice if we got some alone time.

Rob: Cut the bull shit Jenny Elisabeth , where’s my daughter?

Jenny: (Blushes. Quietly says) I let her go to Michael’s house.

Rob: Michael. She’s ground-

Jenny: ed. I know. But-

Rob: Yes.

Jenny: Well, she said she would clean up her act.

Rob: Said?

Jenny: Yes, and I decided to look in her room to see if that was that case.

Rob: And..

Jenny: I didn’t find any open booze or condom rappers, so i thought-

Rob: Thought? You don’t think. That’s my job. I make the money because I can process thought.

Jenny: Rob…

Rob: Don’t “Rob” me.
(Awkward silence)

Jenny: (Jenny pleads while Rob rolls his eyes) I cleaned the house all day, made your-

Rob: Favorite dinner and yadda-

Jenny: If you’d let me finish.

Rob: (pause) Well, what are you waiting for.

Jenny: You’ve been busy with work-

Rob: Making money.

Jenny: Yes, making money. But after work you go have a beer with the other guys-

Rob: Are you grounding me now, letting our daughter out and giving me a curfew?

Jenny: I’m just saying-

Rob: You’re always saying things. Saying this and saying that. Just Say it! (pause) Listen, I’m home on weekends and nights.

Jenny: But-

Rob: Always with the buts.
(Jenny starts to walk out, Rob grabs her by the arm)

Jenny: (glares at Rob) This started as a discussion about me letting Lisa out, and look what you’ve turned it into (point at rob).

Rob: What I’ve turned it into? You let her go to Michaels house.

Jenny: What’s wrong with Michael?

Rob: Nothing at all. I’m happy to see my 16 year old daughter spend time with her boyfriend who is only thirteen year younger then YOU, Jenny. When she’s grounded.

Jenny: You think I don’t care about the well being of OUR daughter?

Rob: I’m hungry.

Jenny: (glares) Fix it yourself-

Rob: I spend all day at the office and I ask a simple request for some food from my wife that has been doing shit all at home all day and she won’t agree.

Jenny: I wish, I could record our conversation and-

Rob: And, what? Send it into child service. You’re a fucking adult Jenny, start acting like one.

Jenny: (starts to cry)

Rob: OH (pause). I’m sorry.(tries to give her a hug)

Jenny: Get off me! (push Rob)

Rob: You haven’t seen me all day and you won’t even give me a hug? I’m going to the bar. (Rob leaves)

Jenny: (grabs telephone, crying) Lisa. It’s mom (pause.) Can you come home?(pause.) No you’re not in trouble (pause. ) Don’t worry, he just left. (pause.) Yes Michael can come over. (pause.) See you soon.