you do not whisper in my ear
you speak anonymously, as though i wasn’t here
i want to say
you are the ones not here

but there were four
count them
thumb to wedding finger
i once did adore

they didn’t give me the time line of their next adventure
after the credits roll
maybe a blooper
or false information...something....right?

No Isaac,
the crickets have began to chirp

for some strange reason, the darkness didn’t bring sleep
and sleep didn’t bring dreams
the only image was white

What did they see?
was it blurry and boozy
was it cloudy cloudy cloudy
was it Disney all cuddly and everything's cool?

the prescription is a doctor's scrawl
making it difficult for me to read let alone comprehend
the end...their ends.

Ray Charles was black blind and could sing
Sally Jane tried to beat the bastard Death
she never realized children with no father are often stronger

Young David was old
never had time to elude
the hospital coffee
never brewed

and Rachel, yes Rachel
incapable of finding her
way from the pain
left us all hanging

don't whisper to me…shout

that’s four in one year
hip-hip-hooray a cheer
boo- hoo a tear