sally jane at 40.

and the sea commits to me

as i give my fond farewell

meanwhile the clicks of clocks, decipher

the apparent fighter

then i start to rain

and claim that i care

even though you are there and i'm here

by your side in the medical institute

when a cold folds into a fever

in the beginning l'hiver

besides my wish to slow down time

come down here and hold my hand

it was always "she's sick"

my arrogant foolery

until the forced reality

this is it

i am her only one

it's enough

i gave her wings

but all what is left are feathers

so the story goes on

with no tale of beginnings and ends

swing wild, that axe of mine

until i realize that nothing bares soul in front

it's just like kicking a habit

and as my mind follows her

i can't help but think of the youngsters

a nine year old and two thirteen year old twins

with no mother to care or bother

go off to sleep in the sunshine

where rest can profound comfort

whie her candle burns so birght

and it will go out against her own might

our relationship devours

the mending of flowers

of cuts and bruises

but in the end the winner always loses