jh, oh you're good to me

hello pretty mask

you caught me in the early hour

the time of power is now

so where do you walk when dogs mind the side walk

or the beast within draws from your spine

do you tip toe

or crawl like a lion


dream your intentions and i’ll watch the play

my questions mean nothing

or scream your thoughts

my insecurities plug my ears


and how do you feel when i feel

do the inner churns develop as the lion crawls

the king of the jungle falls asleep

and all is calm once again


and where do you want to be, with me

on the top of a dandelion hill

you’ll push and tug              till i fall

caught by our magic carpet



part two begins and you tuck me into bed

when they glisten in the youthful evening

the pretty mask

in the early hour


but who do you aspire to be, if it’s not me

the cuddly creature

that you must pet correctly

or all will become prickly


and the lion awakes

from it’s pit of despair

and he approaches, showing his sharp teeth

with the tears flowing down my cheek


he paws and plays and licks that teary cheek

and all is calm once again


so tell me why you speak with such style

if it were only true to you

upon your personal satisfaction

together from the window we spy

and i see a resemblance love, of you and her

a prickly flower


and once a mistake was made

by god, once a mistake was made

it had happened .