december 21 2012

The Death. No, not quite. A new beginning for those who believe in that destiny in full. As prophesied by the civil, in modern day Naples, the world is supposed to, in reason, start over on December 21 2012. The Mayan calendar, that prophesized hurricane Catrina, the tsunami, Hitlers Rule, the birth of Jesus and Lunar eclipses thousands of years before they happened, stops on this particular day.  We seem to be going through apolitical process. This is not the end in any way, shape or form, but the end of a cycle, to repeat itself. Scientifically, the Earth, Moon and Sun on December 21 2012 will all align in a section of the Milky Way, know  as the black whole. For those that believe in such destiny as reincarnation, the question, what happens to the human race, is controversial to say the least. As this black whole forms and the human race is sucked through the atmosphere out of this planet, a remorphing will occur. We will not simply evaporate but reincarnate into a species that can survive living on the moon or wherever the post- earth life takes us. Whether we become aliens, or have different lungs to breathe at such an altitude, is far from my knowledge. As we adapt to our new living arrangements, we will watch the earth, evolve and start itself over. The world will not blow up, there will be no big boom. Nevertheless a colony will form and who knows if they will treat the Earth better then we did. I would hope so.  No, 2012 is not the end; it’s a new beginning. Fore we truly did fuck over this beauteous planet. The fatigue is in truth why the rebirth is needed. At a certain point, one’s body requires a rebirth, with one’s soule to follow. This process in no means negative, which puts forth the idea that the world ending in 2012 is not pessimistic. But futuristic. The wandering mind to see a brighter day. In the words of a good friend, Jenny Rea, “ embrace it”.