the common

There is nothing typical in this world. Everyone enjoys different things. The activities and life persuits that are popular are only popular because people change. Often people change for other people and strive to be like someone else. It’s a mentor, something that is asked amongst inerviews and even within ourselves. Think about any activity that you partook in. Did you just randomly get involved? Or did your parents and friends draft you like you were off to the military? Besides friends and family, the media is used as another outside source. Popular music is only popular because it gets broadcasted more then alternative, underground noise.


This can lead into the idea of the average human. There is no such thing as average, for all humans are irregular. The “average” human is just the person who is too scared to show that they are a freak. We were made to have eccentric desires and needs, and to hide these is illicit. One must dare to be different, or in other words dare to be them self. The social fear is both omnipresent and overruling and thus people endeavor to be the regular, to sleep within mediocrity, because it’s an easier path.